What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Remember when we returned to school and had to write an essay about our summer experiences?  As the days have passed and perhaps even a hint of change is felt in the breeze, I would like to share about my summer vacation.

So, the story goes like this…I haven’t had one yet.  What I did on my summer vacation was move office.  This was prompted by the need to have a larger and dedicated space for my patients as we have had such amazing growth and progress over the last year. 

Moving office is not for the faint of heart.  There are a myriad of details that go into planning and transferring and then starting up with in order to complete the process. 

The team did an amazing job.  Malyn, turns out not only is handy at the front desk, and all things techy, but also can wield a formidable wrench and screwdriver used in furniture assembly.  Thanks to some friends and family, my husband Andy, and our neighbors the Roses and Malyn’s fiancé Troy, we completed our process with a lot of fun albeit a bit tired and sweaty.

Thank you to the patients who have transferred with us and for hanging in there with the phone issues and scheduling challenges.  I appreciate your patience and understanding. 

Now that we are in and settled, it is onward and upward.  It is fair to say, I love our new space, and have made it my priority to create a healing environment where patients can seek out true integrative health care. 

In a recent article regarding GERD and dyspepsia there was this definition of integrative health care, I thought I would share it with you all.

Integrative medicine is a healing oriented medicine that takes account of the whole patient, including all elements of lifestyle and family health.  It emphasizes the powerful triad of the patient-family-practitioner, is informed of the evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapies.” (Yeh, Golianu ISSN 2227-9067)

Adding to that is the perspective that the body has its inherent wisdom and capacity for self healing.  Further we know that the way through healing is most often full of twists and turns, as we can work together in a trusting doctor-patient relationship that combines the mind, body and spirit. 

This is a pretty amazing and powerful paradigm in health care and medicine.  Adapting this paradigm is not for the faint of heart either.  Rather, it is a hero’s journey.  There is always the call to adventure, then helpers and mentors and usually some scary things to face and overcome.  But in the end, the transformation of your health, your disease prevention and your well being of your heart and soul become the beneficiaries of your adventure.  You become the “Hero of your own Health”. 

These principles are taken from the iconic writer Joseph Campbell.  His philosophy on the “Hero’s Journey” has been applicable through time.  This is something that we will be expanding upon over the next months ahead.  Framing different health topics through the eyes of being your own hero on your journey.  My role is the trusted mentor and sometimes trickster (humor is always appreciated) and one who may bring magical powers as guidance and inspiration.  Make no mistake, this is your journey and now your call to adventure. 

Whatever your health issue is that you are facing.  Whatever the life lessons are that you are learning, whatever the choices are that you are making.  They comprise elements of your hero’s journey towards a more whole and transformative life.

Remember, all things are sacred.  This means having “ah-ha moments”, medical imaging such as x-rays, CT scans, herbal therapy, homeopathy, osteopathic manipulation, genome mapping and even pharmaceuticals and surgery.  It is all sacred and can be used for healing. 

So, here is to each of us as we respond to the many calls to action for our life and for our health.

Be Well,

Dr. Louder